CV. Re-Born

Recycled Teak furniture

Arche Table, 250 x 110 x 77h cm

About Us

CV. Re-Born is a producer of high-quality Teak furniture made from reclaimed old Teak wood. We are in Jepara, the world's center of Teak furniture production.


Our talented staff will work with you to design and create the furniture that is fitting best for your markets and projects. Whether you come to us with a complete vision for your design or looking for inspiration, we are here to help.

IFEX 2018

Visit us on IFEX 2018 in Jakarta. We are exhibiting in Hall of Excellence, Stand C-012.


We understand that our customers are all VIPs. They deserve our best afford to fulfill their needs by creating individual products with a high-end quality.

Special orders, commissions and contract are very welcome. There is no minimum order. In urgent cases we can even produce selected items or samples within a few days. 


Based on our personal experience on the European market we believe that the perfection of the finish of the goods is very important for successful selling. We crater mainly eight different kinds of finishes or any style you ask for.

Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia